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  • Payment via Paypal or Cash App only, in USD.
  • You must pay in full before I start your commission.
  • A full refund is only possible if I am the one who cancels.
  • Partial refunds are possible based on how far along I am on your commission if it is more than $10 USD total. (ex. I have not started you will get a 50% refund or $5.)


  • Generally I send process pictures after the sketching stage (there are no progess pictures in trades unless you request one.)
  • Reference sheet commissions will have more updates based on what I feel is nessasary


  • Depending on the commission type illustrations can take anywhere between 2 weeks or less up to two months to complete the order.


  • Large or complex prop items (cars, horses, guns.)
  • Complex backgrounds (cities, room interior, nature.)
  • Complex characters (armor, many markings, some wings.)


  • Written character references
  • Anthro
  • Feral
  • Humans/humaniods


  • NSFW
  • Buff characters
  • Mecha
  • Customs

NOT GOOD AT(but can do)

  • Dragons
  • Guns, cars, interior/exterior enviorments
  • Armor
  • Busty characters

Ask any questions! I answer fastest on my discord (BONELK#9979.) This includes asking for a quote! You can send me your characters as well if your unsure if I can draw them, exceptions can be made if I am looking for a challenge or a interesting project!